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Improving the air we breathe by using advanced technology to control emissions from power stations and industry.

The Association for the Catalytic Control of Emissions from Stationary Sources to Air (accessa) is a non-profit trade group based in Brussels and administered by leaders in the field of emissions control: Clariant, Gore, Johnson Matthey, and Umicore.

We formed to promote the technical and economic viability of using catalytic emission controls to reduce harmful discharges from large fixed industrial (stationary) sources such as factories and power stations. We are listed with the EU Transparency Register, number 490092847162-43.

Catalytic after-treatment works in a similar way to catalytic converters in motor vehicles, but on an industrial scale and can destroy more than 95% of many toxic chemical pollutants which harm the environment and human health.

At accessa we work globally with regulators, non-governmental organizations and others to advocate the development, demonstration and deployment of cost-effective catalytic emissions solutions. We do this by: 

  • Engaging with the European Union industry regulation stakeholders to inform and demonstrate what is technically possible regarding emissions 
  • Talking directly with non-EU countries to inform and demonstrate what is technically possible regarding emissions and encourage implementation/installation
  • Informing and educating the media and public on the dangers of emissions (particularly non-CO2 related) and how catalytic control can have a positive impact on health and the environment.
Catalytic filter bags

Our extensive White Paper on the state of the industry when we first started can be downloaded here.

Since our formation accessa estimates our partner companies have reduced approximately 20% of total stationary pollutants - equivalent to millions of tonnes of hazardous emissions.

As 58% of global emissions2 are caused by industry and power generation there is great potential to do more. With wider awareness and implementation of catalytic solutions that are ready to install today we hope to significantly improve the air we breathe in the coming years. We also welcome new industry members and collaboration with educational or research organizations - just email us! Next page...